Stainless Steel Burners See A Burn Through

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I love to grill very often or I will say I grill almost 3 to 4 days in a week and believe me I do it every single week of the year, each and every year. It was about a few months back I saw that my grill was not heating evenly. I could feel that the left side of the burner was perceptibly hotter as compared to the right. Left side flame was much higher and I was facing more issues with the flames on that side. On the other hand I noticed that the right side was not burning properly.

My grill is a Fiesta which is about 3 years old which my wife had purchased from K-Mart just before we had met. It comprises of a stainless steel sheet metal burner which is enough if used occasionally. I thought that my burner had got burned through because I was using the grill more often than intended by manufacturer. I had wanted to get a new one some time back but as we were planning to buy a house I had decided to put this project on the shelf.

Our house gave us a few major problems and the nastiest of which was, to replace the kitchen totally. During that time, we were looking forward to the new counter top as there was no working kitchen and the grill and the microwave were all we had in our kitchen as appliances. It was hardly the best time for the grill to fail.

During the days of remodeling one night I decided to grill some chicken. I lit up the grill, and found that the left side flame of the grill was reaching the cooking grate while right side flame was hardly noticeable. We found that the chicken browned well on the left side, but hardly cooked well on the right.

I somehow went ahead with the meal and deciding to do something later. I later ordered a new burner online and this new burner got settled well into place and I connected the igniter and tested it to see that it worked well. I got one and a half inches high blue flame with a yellow tip.

Why did my earlier burner rot from inside? It has a simple answer in physics. When gas burns in your burner, the flame which is in the exterior of the burner develops a vacuum in the burner.  This tends to create the problem.


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