3 Major Pages in Traffic Exchange

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There are different ways to make traffic exchange work well for your online business. One great factor is which type of page you are going to show within the program. Surely, traffic will be directed to the page that you will show, but you must find a way to compel the viewers to take action in favor of your business upon seeing your web page. Here are 3 major types of pages that you will see when surfing within traffic exchange.

1. Direct Sales Page. This is a straightforward sales letter. If you are thinking about showing this within the program, you must consider the minimum time frame given per page. Though it is a sales page, the details must be very brief and direct to the point. You also need to offer an interesting yet inexpensive product in order to have a high probability of sales conversion.

Always consider that your viewers basically see your site to basically earn credits. They have a very short attention span. So if you want to use a sales page in traffic exchange, make sure that it is compelling enough.

2. Splash Page or Squeeze Page. It is common to see a lot of squeeze pages and splash pages within the traffic exchange program. The splash page is a one page web page that has a striking headline, a brief list of the benefits that people can get from your business, your photo and signature, and some simple graphics; having a link that directs to the main site. There are some who add audio and video to enhance it as it aims to briefly discuss your business, product, or service; just like how a television advertisement does to a certain product through the broadcast medium.

The squeeze page is almost the same with splash page except that it has an opt-in form where viewers can leave their contact details such as their names and email addresses. This is the best page to use in capturing leads and building a list. The smartest way to gather leads is to have a free offer within the page that people can get once they leave their details.

3. Web Site Home Page. You will also see a lot of home pages of the main web sites within traffic

exchange. Once you do this, you simply want to drive traffic to your site. This is a direct way to generate traffic to your web site. This means your site will have a huge number of page views, which is one of the basic ways to have a higher page ranking in search engines.

You have the freedom to choose what type of page you prefer to show within the traffic exchange program. You just need to determine your main goal in using traffic exchange as an internet marketing tool. You can choose to sell, to gather leads, or to just drive traffic to your site. There are many reasons for using a specific page within the program, and you know which would be best for your business. You can also try them all and see what would suit you best.


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