10 Best Foods For Hangover

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We should not contribute to that colossal loss. For hangovers, the best thing to do is to drink a lot of water.



1.       takes potassium away from you. Replace it with bananas, which also:

– give magnesium helps relax the blood vessels that cause a hangover headache- have a natural antacid effect to help the nausea.

– provides valuable B vitamins.

– has iron to stimulate the production of hemoglobin in the blood.

It is a great idea to make a banana milkshake with honey. The banana calms the stomach, the honey normalizes the blood sugar level, and the milk rehydrates the body and soothes the stomach as well.

2.       depletes blood sugar levels. Increase the depleted sugar levels with honey, which has fructose that prevents the rapid change in alcohol levels that causes the terrible hangover headache.

3.       causes nausea. Relieve it with a toast.

Use honey instead of butter or peanut butter to avoid exacerbating the nausea.

4.       upsets the stomach. Settle it with crackers, which protein and the carbohydrates that help raise the low blood sugar.

 Crackers with cheese are recommended.

5.       upsets the brain and the stomach. Get rid of it quickly with tomato juice, whichhas a type of sugar called fructose that speeds up the metabolism of alcohol in your body.Tomato juice, another good source of fructose, also helps to burn alcohol faster.

6.       is spread in the bloodstreams causing whole body pain. Burn the alcohol quickly with fruitjuice, which contains sugar and an anti-oxidant Vitamin C to help the body get rid of the alcohol.

7.       dehydrates the bodybecause of its diuretic effect (makes you wanna pee). Rehydrate with sports drinks, which helps redeem the lost nutrients andelectrolytes.

8.       has poisonous effects from acetaldehyde, its metabolism major by-product. Counteract it with raw egg yolk,which has cysteine, an antidote for the harmful alcohol effects.

9.       disturbs the normalcy of the body system. Return the body to normal with Siberian Ginseng, which interferes the upsetting effects of hangover.

10.   causes salt loss due to frequent urination. Replace it with pretzels, which havesodium.

So, there you have it! 10 RECOMMENDED HANGOVER REMEDIES:

1. Bananas

2. Honey

3. Toast

4. Crackers

5. Tomato Juice

6. Fruit Juice

7. Sports Drinks

8. Raw Egg Yolk

9. Siberian Ginseng

10. Pretzel

But you know what the best hangover remedy is? TEETOTALISM.


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