All In A Box Moving And Storage For Home Movers In Tampa

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People need no longer fear that their fragile appliances might shatter in transit if they move to a new residence or commercial address.  This very common problem in moving has been eliminated once and for all by the moving and storage idea represented by the Casulo Box, which has been awarded many times as the best solution to the hassles of moving services.

The Casulo Box can hold, store and transport furnishings taken from a whole apartment or a sprawling office.  Because of its portability and efficiency, the Casulo Box has been called the All in a Box Moving and Storage system.

This portable and convenient moving facility makes residential and commercial movers in Tampa Bay the most sought-after companies, such as the All in a Box Movers in Tampa, which provide not only hassle-free but low cost storage and moving.  By compressing all the things to be moved in a small compartment and then transporting these in one go, the costs are drastically reduced.

The Tampa movers are long-time professionals duly accredited by the American Movers and Storage Association (AMSA).  All members of AMSA are required to provide insurance to every item that they move for a residential or commercial customer.  Consequently, the Tampa Bay moving and storage companies handle their job with the utmost care to preclude damage or loss of goods while in their keeping and in transit.  Otherwise, they compensate the customer the full amount of any lost or damaged item.

The Tampa portable and low cost storage and movers also customize their services according to the needs of clients.  They provide every customer a moving service coordinator to devise the best plan possible. This customized moving service allows for an individualized approach to every move, including an effort to adjust the service to the customer’s budget.

 Once a would-be customer contacts any of these firms, a representative would be assigned to interview the customer as to his specific moving requirements and desired timetable.  The customer is also asked he manner by which he would pay the storage and moving services, whether he wants o pay on an hourly basis or for the entire process.  The price quotations are usually based on the size, value and conditions of the items to be moved such that the more delicate items are charged a higher price.

Every item is guaranteed safe and secure because the Tampa moving and storage companies have state-of-the-art facilities for this purpose. As professional AMSA-accredited movers, they upload items fast but efficiently to ensure that these are secure during transport.  Every aspect of the move is managed to provide customers with a cost-effective, high-quality and efficient service.  If the customer fails to receive this kind of service, the Tampa movers even welcome any suit for breach of contract.

More than cost-efficiency and safety, entrusting a job to professional moving and storage companies also means great convenience. For example, residential and commercial movers are spared the task of packing and unpacking their things.  The professional movers provide all the packing materials and do all the packing.  At the new place, they also take it upon themselves reassemble the furniture.


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