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Traffic exchange is simply a web site offering a way to generate traffic to your site or web page simply by signing up as a member. Since you can join for free, it can be said that it is a cost efficient way to drive traffic to your sites or web pages fast. The program goes with exchanging views on the sites or pages of the members within the program.

Once you sign up, you will instantly have an access to the members’ area. This is where you can organize your account; see your credits, and all other stuff you need to check. This is also where you will see where you can add your site URL, or any link to other web pages; most traffic exchanges allow more than 1 URL. You will also see where you can start browsing or viewing the sites of the other members within the program to earn credits.

Credits are the actual amount of traffic that you generate for your site. You earn them after staying or viewing the web site or web page within the program, which are owned by the other members. Once you already have credits, you will need to assign them to the site that you wish to direct traffic to. You can do this manual or automatic.

With manual credit assignment, you indicate the amount of traffic that you want to direct to a site at a certain time and leave the other credits for future assignment. With automatic credit assignment, you simply need to turn this feature on. Then you assign the percentage of credits you wish to direct to your sites or links. Whenever you earn credits, they automatically assign them to your links according to the settings you made.

Traffic exchange runs by rotating the sites or web pages of the members within the program once the credits have been assigned. This is called the surf rotation. Just like the sites or pages of the other members within the program, your site will also be set into rotation after you assign your earned credits.

You view the other sites to gain credits and this is also how the other members within the program will view your site. Once you are in the surfing area, you will see a frame on either the top or bottom of the page; this is called the surf bar. You will also see the banner ads and text links on the page. There are also icons to click in order to make sure that the person viewing is not cheating or that a real person is viewing the page being shown. You will be allowed to click on the icon after you stay on the page within the minimum timeframe, which varies from 10 seconds to 30 seconds depending on the program.

These are just small facts about how the traffic exchange really works. There are a lot to learn about it as it does not only generate traffic to sites but also opens a great opportunity for online businesses. It is a very powerful internet marketing tool.


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