Top Stock Picks For 2011 Bidu,yoku, Aapl, Pot, Goog And F

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Top Stock Picks for 2011  BIDU,YOKU, AAPL, POT, GOOG and F

BIDU  Baidu Inc 107.67

YOKU Inc 37.45

AAPL  Apple Inc 347.38

F  Ford Motor Co 18.72

POT  Potash Corp Of Saskatche… 172.20

GOOG  Google Inc 623.90

If I had 117,000 to invest I’d buy 100 shares of each of the follolwing

100 * 107 = 10,007               BIDU

109 * 37.45 = 3,740              YOKU

100 * 347.38 = $30,474   AAPL

100 * 18.72 = 1,870             F

100 * 172.20 $ 10,722   POT

100 * 623.90 = $60,239  GOOG

I’d like to buy 100 shares of Facebook also, but Facebook is not a public company.

I have the impression that Facebook will buy BAIDU and I will own shares that way……

So my choices are probably heavy on the High Tech side…. Baidu and Youko are interenet companies out of China. Baidu is like the Google Search Engine for China and Youku is the Youtube of China. Still in its early days these are too bets that internet will grow in China in 2011.

AAPL, well everyone is in Love with Apple at the moment. With constant new model iPhones and iPads on the way this is a good investment. Everyone needs an i-something.

F, because Ford is making a huge comeback – I just wished that I had held on to the shares I bought at 80 cents. Oh well.

Potash makes fertilizer. As long as we are growing food we’ll need Potash.

And Google ? Expensive, but everyone still uses Google. The battle now is between Google, Facebook and Apple.

So I want to be holding all 3 if possible.

Check back in a few months and see how I am doing with these choices.


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