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The Jadex poll for the old rs wild to return just passed with 91% in favor. This is the bomb news! It means that you will once again be able to use the rs wild to kill your share of players and players will kill their fair share of you like the good old days of the rs wild. All is right in the rs wild.

This is a rs wild guide for everyone like me who want to know what to do with this amazing rs wild power. I was a noob at the time of the old wild so I don’t remember much but walking into it with my brand new mithril armor and loosing it all because I attacked a player that knew what he was doing.

I didn’t know it at the time but he used a technique to get me to attack him even though he was the higher level. I was a stupid noob and he was a less stupid noob. He made fun of me, said he could beat me with no armor or wepon. I attacked him. That was my first and only misstake. After that I never went into the rs wild again. I’m glad I now get a chance to redeme myself and help you while I’m at it.

I have decided to write a rs wild guide to make sure that what happened to me doesn’t happen to you. To show you that the rs wild is your friend, not the enemy. You just have to use it the right way. Unlike me. 🙂 I’ve read guides and watched videos and come up with this rs wild guide to prevent what happened to me.

The first technique for the rs wild that I’ve found works great. Don’t be the first to attack, it could coast you. Being skulled and dieing means that you loose all of your items when you die. All of them(not the three valuables either). You will almost never make it back to your gravestone. So this first guide rule is pretty easy, let the enemy make the first move.

The secound rule to the rs wild is to not take gp in the wild with you. If you die you will only keep three coins. If you take one valuable item then you risk nothing. When your about to die turn on protect item prayer. This allows you to have a high reward and not risk a thing.

The third rule to the rs wild is to know the area your in. Take a long look at the map before you go anywhere. If you get caught in a match and don’t know where to run then your gone. Ladders, pits, and doors are the best place to run. You just go up and down them when someone tries to attack you and you don’t stand a chance.

Follow these three rules and your life with the rs wild will be great. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Have fun with the new rs wild!

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Have fun with the new wildy, it’s all yours! 🙂


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