Francis Ann Collins (Ambert Alert Part 2)

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This is the picture that is a heart ache for any parent. I never said I am 100% right with my spiritual gifts. It is about the Victim. It about bring the victims home: Alive if possible.It is about getting those criminals off the STREETS to keep the children SAFE! I maybe 8% WRONG. Be objective, stop the labeling and think: What if I am right.

Big TV Show Idea: Francis Ann Collins

Mon, March 2, 2009 12:49:32 PM


Sophialaurenea Destine


Talk Show Host 

Dear Ms. Banks,

I don’t mean scare you, Francis has chronic Asthma. She has blood type A, left handed, and an iron deficiency. The man she is with: Is right handed, right hearing loss, left knee injury, left foot limp, has blood type AB, drinks Heineken beer, and is very angry.

They are in El Paso, Texas. I am 92% sure of this information which I will not give to the police. They are tired of being lied to (the authorities). I am exhausted of being labeled a criminal, insane, lying individual. So we both loose and the authentic kidnapper wins! I just love my life. 

This is a piece of crap signing off…..



PS. I no longer feel stupid. Check out my work on buskisa and triond on missing people and homicide cases. They are not fictional work. It is all NON-FICTIONAL! It is sincerely difficult to go to the authorities and say the truth. Just look at the news about the WRONGLY CONVICTED. You would be fearful too.


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