Cablevision Interview Process And Call Center Training Class Review

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Cablevision is always hiring. The turnover rate is very high in this company. I guess this happens a lot in a call center environment. This customer service job is not for everyone. Cablevision encourages the survival of the fittest. In order to qualify for an entry level call center position with them, it is necessary to have a Bachelors degree. Cablevision does not hire everyone. A candidate must pass a number of math, written, and multiple choice tests in order to be considered for the position. Also, they must pass three different interviews. Cablevision is selective because their training course is not easy to master. There is a lot of rules and regulations to learn and a great deal of other valuable information to absorb. The call center training course at Cablevison is very similar to a college course. The only difference is that the class at Cablevision moves faster. Sometimes it is difficult to catch up and your head may feel like it is about to explode.

Generally speaking Cablevision offers a good training program. This program is likely better than a lot of other call center programs out there. However, it is also true that the training program has some faults. Sometimes the professors are not familiar with the material that they are teaching. This creates a big issue. The restroom breaks and the lunch breaks keep changing all the time. It is difficult to catch up. Cablevision offeres a thirty minute lunch break. It is not possible to enjoy your lunch without worrying that you will be late.Cablevision has a very strict policy about lateness. If you are one minute late, Cablevision notes this and reserves the right to hold this against you during your review. Cablevision also reserves the right to dock your pay if you are late enough times.

Cablevision performs a college degree verification instead of the reference verification during the interview process. While Cablevision offers a reasonable starting wage and benefits, many employees live paycheck to paycheck. Cablevision also offers a good amount of career growith opportunity. However, the career path at Cablevision may not be an easy path to take. It takes a certain amount of character strength and determimnation to succeed in this company.


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