10 Great Horror Movies

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Here are ten great horror movies, listed randomly.

1. 28 Days Later.
28 Days Later may very well be a horror movie masterpiece. Jim wakes up from a coma to find the town deserted. The first people he comes across are infected with a strange virus.

2. 28 Weeks Later.
This horror movie stayed true to eeriness of 28 Days Later. It’s set months after the previous movie ended. Things go horribly wrong when an attempt is made to repopulate the area.

3. The Blair Witch Project.
The Blair Witch Project is a horror movie that just feels too real. That’s what’s so great about it. You actually feel like you’re watching true events.

4. The Evil Dead.
This horror movie involves a group of people that comes in contact with demons who’s favorite phrase is, “Join us.”

5. Freddy Krueger.
Freddy Krueger is a horror movie about a dead man who visits people in their dreams where he kills them. To everyone who’s seen him, all that matters is staying awake.

6. Friday the 13th. (All of them)
Jason kills a bunch a campers. That’s the usual theme of the Friday the 13th horror movie. It might be a repetitive theme, but that doesn’t make the Friday the 13th horror movies any less great.

7. Saw.
In this horror movie, two men wake up to find themselves chained up and trapped in a room with a dead guy in the middle of the floor.

8. Poltergeist.
Poltergeist is a horror movie that children and sensitive people should definitely avoid. This movie has zombies, a killer doll, and a face that gets ripped off.

9. The Ring.
This horror movie involves a scary dead girl who gives people seven days to live after they’ve watched a certain creepy film.

10. Night of the Living Dead.
In this horror movie, a group of people are just trying not get eaten by the zombies that want in the house.


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