Using Your Logo For Marketing

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Starting an online business is not difficult these days as it’s not so expensive to get a domain, buy web hosting, design your website and start selling on the internet. As compared to an offline business, starting an online business doesn’t require any investment at all. Once you setup your website, it means your shop is ready to accept payments from customers. Now, the next important step once your site is live is to promote your products and services. To market your business successfully, you will need a top quality logo with every promotion.

There are several methods of promoting your business online, like Social Media, Banner Advertisement, Posting on Relevant Forums, Brochure Advertisement, Guest Posting and so on. So, let’s now discuss some of these methods and discover how you should use your logo design to promote your business and bring traffic to your website.

Let’s first talk about Social Media. There are a lot of social media sites with extreme traffic. You can sign-up there for free and start connecting with people easily and professionally. Some of the most famous sites are Facebook, Digg, Stumble Upon, MySpace, Delicious and so on. Since they are free, you can easily create an account using your email address. Once done, you can update your profile and upload your logo design. Now, when you’ll communicate with people and connect with them, your logo will be with you, promoting your business for you and driving people to your website. Social Media sites are powerful and you should most certainly use their power to bring traffic to your website.

Banner Advertisement is another way of bringing traffic to your website. When you create a banner to display it on relevant portals, ensure that your logo is always prominent. If you are using slides in your banner then it’s good to have your logo in small size on every slide and then one slide prominently focusing on your logo design. This will help you promote your business and bring traffic from other portals.

Posting on relevant forums is also a great way of marketing your products. You can use your logo design as your Avatar, so it will promote your business with every post you will write. This will also help you make your business famous and build your credibility. So, ensure that you sign-up on some big and relevant forums as soon as possible.

When we talk about brochures, it is commonly thought that they are only for offline marketing. Well, this perception is 100% wrong. What you can do is you can create a brochure and share the story of your business as well as details about your products and services. You can then make it available online for download. So, people who don’t like to be glued to their monitors can download it and read it at their leisure. Now, ensure that you have your logo on your brochure displayed prominently.

These are some methods that will allow you to promote your business, products and services using your logo design in an effective manner.


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