How I Earn £s Every Day From Google Adsense

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Article writing is big business on the internet these days. Websites are eager for content and millions of ordinary people like you and me are eager to write articles for them either for fame and glory, the love of writing or to try and make some pocket money. There are now numerous sites to choose from –,, to name a few. My favourites are and

I love to write, so if I can manage to make a bit of pocket money writing articles that’s just great. has recently switched over to paying it’s article writers using google adsense. I have been writing articles on the Bukisa site for some time and a few of them now get a steady stream of visitors. Of these, some generate a steady stream of click throughs on the Google Adsense adverts placed on the page. You see to make money from Google Adsense all you need is for your readers to find the associated ads appealing and for them to click on them to see what they are all about. It doesn’t matter whether or not they purchase anything, they just need to click on an adsense ad for you to get paid.

It’s very easy to achieve a steady payment through Google Adsense. There are just a few key steps to follow and a few rules to stick by and your articles will soon be making you money.

Open a google adsense account

First you need an adsense account. This is very easy to do. Just sign up at

Open an account with Bukisa

You need somewhere to display your articles that uses Google Adsense. This is also very straight forward. Sign up at

Start Writing Articles

Now that might sound simple enough, but not so fast. If you want to make a steady income from writing articles using Google Adsense there are some things you need to consider.


Write articles that will be of interest to a large number of people over a long period of time. Remember in order to generate click-throughs on your adsense ads you first need to attract a lot of people to your article


Your article title is most important. This must entice hundreds of readers to flock to your article so always put some thought into it. Remember traffic is the key to adsense.


Make sure your article is relevant to your title, interesting and informative, well written and spelling mistake free. If your reader enjoys reading one of your articles they are more likely to read some of your other articles.


When using google adsense the keywords in your article are most important. The ads chosen to be displayed with your article are selected based on your articles keywords. Keywords are the ones your article contains in abundance so if you are writing an article about African Safari holidays and you want adsense to show adverts on this topic then make sure you use those keywords regularly within your article. This is very important. The better you are at using your keywords the more relevant the Adsense ads will be to your reader. The more relevant the ad the more likely they are to be interested in them and click on them. Remember it is the click that pays.


Once you have attracted your reader to your article you should try to hold onto them as long as possible. At the bottom of your article post links to any related articles you have written. That way you can pass your traffic from one article to another. Remember traffic is the key to making money with Adsense.

Edit Any Existing Articles  

If you already have articles up and running, have a look at which adverts are displayed on them and make sure they are relevant to your article. If not, edit your article adding in more keywords until the ads are suitable.

Check Your Articles Performance

You can check to see which articles are getting traffic and how many click throughs they each get by setting up your performance reports in your Adsense account. Your adsense performance report will at first lump everything together giving you an overall report. In order to see which articles are successful you can enter ther URLS individually.

In your adsense account go to “Perfomance Reports” then select “URL channels” then click on “Add URLS to track” and enter your article URL (The copy/paste feature is useful here – but you will need to remove the “http://www.” suffixes

Once you have your articles entered you will get future performance reports for each article individually. It will show how many page views your article got and how many ad click -throughs it generated. This is a great tool for checking what works and you can tailor your future articles accordingly.

I hope you found this article helpful. You too can earn a steady stream of £s from Adsense from your article writing.

Please click on any Adsense advert advertised here that is of interest to you. Happy writing!

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