Information About Cablevision And Verizon

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As most of you already know, Verizon and Cablevision are major competitors. Verizon has proclaimed itself to be a telephone company and Cablevision is mainly a company that provides television services. As a result of being a telephone company, Verizon charges a whole bunch of extra taxes to their customers. It is not easy to explain exactly where such taxes come from. Although Cablevision does not put the extra tax busrden on their customers, its services are definitely costly.

Cablevision offers a wide variety of so-called premium services that also happen to carry a premium price tag. Most Cablevision products and services comes with a fee. This company definitely knows how to stay in business. If you damage or misplace any equipment provided to you by Cablevision, you will pay a hefty fine. Keep in mind that you can borrow your friend’s cable card if your friend happens to live within the same service area as you.

Cablevision may be a bit costly, however, they also happen to have a good reputation. Cablevision provides superior customer service to its clients and they are consistent with their information. Verizon happens to have a less impressive reputation and often does not provide acceptable customer service.

If you are eighteen years of age or older and you reside with your parents, please make sure that they do not accumulate debt on an account that they have opened in your name. If your parents do not pay for this bill, you will be responsible for the balance once you move out and try to sign up for your own account. Your credit may suffer as well. You may need to prosecute your own family. It sounds rediculous, however, it is true.


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