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Posting Your First Article Online

Most things get easier with practice and writing articles is one of them. If you’ve never published online, it can be a bit scary. There’s no need to fear. The ‘net may be a big world but you’ll find there are plenty of other writers out there who are not only willing to share experiences, they’ll also share their expertise.

All you have to do to join their ranks is to post your first article online. There are several ways to do this. I’m going to cover a couple of the easiest ones.

Post to a Blog

Blogs are free to set up at,,, and many other sites. If you are wanting to ease into online writing, you can setup a free blog on a topic you enjoy – a pet, hobby, pastime, etc. Focus your first article (and those to follow) around a single topic. For instance, you train dogs so you’ve set up a blog about dog training. Training dogs not to jump on people is a focused topic. So is training dogs to stay off the furniture.

Post to Associated Content

Associated Content is a place where you can post articles and earn money. One of the ways to earn money there is by article views. If you do not choose up front payment for an article, it will post immediately. There’s no editor waiting to dissect your work. There will be readers waiting to do so, however, especially if you write about a hot topic. You can post editorials, essays, entertainment topics, educational topics, humor and more. The forum at the site is a great place to interact with and learn from other article writers.

Create a Squidoo Lens

A Squidoo lens is much like a focused blog page – in some instances, a highly decorated one. If you’re the creative type (or one who likes to teach others how to do things), you’re likely to find this site to be a great place to get articles online and exercise your graphic creativity at the same time. It’s free to do and there are plenty of tutorials to help you.

You can write under your real name or choose a pen name. Use of a pen name is common, especially by people who write about a lot of different topics.

There you are. Three ways to get your first on-line by-line. If the thought of posting online leaves you suddenly thoughtless when it comes to a topic, don’t despair. There are the aforementioned hobbies in addition to passions, pet peeves, and burning opinions. You can do this. All it takes is one article. What are you waiting for?


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