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People ask me, on a pretty regular basis, how they can get started writing on the web. What’s especially interesting about this is the fact that some of these folks are the same ones who, three or four years ago when I started this gig, sort of snickered. They figured I’d fallen into some crazy scheme that would bottom out in a few weeks.

Five years on, and it hasn’t exactly bottomed out. In fact, things are going swimmingly.

My purpose on this blog, as my regular readers are well aware, is to help Internet writers achieve their dreams. There are several ways I go about doing that:

  • There are my regular blog posts, of course. While their frequency can vary, I try to always post at least a couple of times a week, though my unofficial goal is four posts a week.

  • There are my guest posts, like I have over at Freelance Folder. My ongoing Violent Truths column and my Seven Deadly Freelancing Sins series are examples. I’ve also been featured on Freelance SwitchRemarkabloggerFreelance Writing Jobs,, and many other sites.

  • There’s my writers’ mentoring program, which I’ll be talking about more as we get further into the month of July. I’m still hammering out a lot of details, but I’ve got some interesting surprises coming in that area that I think you’re going to be absolutely thrilled about.

  • I also occasionally offer product reviews that I think will be useful to my readers. I don’t do paid reviews, but I’ll often do affiliate reviews. Affiliate reviews are ideal because they allow me to unleash both barrels when it comes to a product. Like thePen Men, I refuse to review something that I think is completely useless or overpriced.

That’s where I want to spend some time today, on that last bullet point. I want to briefly cover four key products that I consider extremely useful for the new freelancer. One of them is free, and you can get all four of them for less than $100. If you’re just starting out as a freelancer or if you’re exploring the freelance route, each one of these resources will give you a huge boost – if you follow their advice. Understand that I put my own word behind these products. I won’t recommend something to you that I don’t fully believe in myself.

Rockstar Freelancer

Click here to read my review of How to be a Rockstar Freelancer

I’ve done an extended review of this book previously. I still recommended it as an important resource for new freelancers. Several of you have purchased this book and I haven’t heard any complaints. Check out the review for more information, as well as a link to buy the thing.

Men with Pens’ Write For The Web

Write for the Web

To my own dismay, I haven’t yet reviewed Write For The Web here. This book is the perfect companion, though, to Rockstar Freelancer. What Rockstar Freelancer doesn’t tell you about Internet-specific writing, this book does. Oh, and did I mention who the authors are? None other than James Chartrand and Harrison McLeod of Men with Pens. Their advice has proven to be indispensable, even for an old hand like me. These boys know their stuff.

Ninja SEO School

Ninja SEO School

Naomi Dunford over at Itty Biz is, in my mind, one of the sharpest small business consultants on the planet. At the very least, she’s the wittiest. Her SEO School is a well-written, highly readable and amazingly reliable guide to Search Engine Optimization. The best part about it is that she truly advocates for good writing, and recognizes that SEO is only as good as the rest of the writing involved.

Blog Mastermind

Click here to get The Blog Profits Blueprint

Yaro Starak’s Blog Profits Blueprint is available for free download. I’ve said it before, and it holds true to this day: This document was instrumental in convincing me to start a blog, and was also instrumental in helping me get the blog traffic that I have. I haven’t had a single week where I’ve had fewer subscribers than the week before, and Yaro’s Blog Profits Blueprint was instrumental in that. Yaro also has a blog mentoring program that you might consider if your focus of freelance writing is going to be your own blog.


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