Stress-Busting Tips to Improve Mental And Physical Health, Part One

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Work overload? Nagging in-laws? Unruly children?  Life for most people is full of stress, which can be harmful to your mental and physical health.  There are, however, ways to distress, and if not rid your life of stress completely, then at least reduce the stress in your life to a manageable level. 

Staying organized is a great way to keep yourself from being overwhelmed, and can help decrease the stress in your life, as a lot of stress in people’s lives is unnecessarily created by themselves, by not planning ahead and leaving things for the last minute. 

Many people are also busy taking care of others, whether it’s children, parents, siblings, a spouse or friends, and do not leave enough time to look after themselves.  A great way to de-stress is to take some time, at least once a week, to do something good for you, such as taking a calming bath, curling up with a good book, or getting a massage.  It’s amazing what taking just a little bit of time for yourself can do to help you de-stress.

Another great way to release stress is by exercising regularly.  Exercise not only improves your physical health, but it also helps improve your mood as endorphins are released when you exercise, which create a feel good effect in your mind.  You do not have to save exercise just for the gym.  A great way to get your exercise is by going for a jog in the park, or going on a bike ride.


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