How Social Media Can Help Your Business Follow Up With Potential Customers

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In my previous articles we talked about building relationships through social media marketing as well as gathering testimonials to help improve the reaction to top of mind awareness. We also talked about how capturing top of mind awareness is a strategic way to increase name recognition and market share in your local market.

Today we’ll approach the topic of follow up.

Most initial sales can be boiled down to two categories:

Impulse Purchase: A consumer sees a product or services from a provider and immediately decide they would like to have it and purchase it on the spot. Many times (but not always) these are products or services with a lower price point such as a candy bar in the checkout line, fast food places for a quick lunch deal,, a cool app for your phone, a soft drink out of the vending machine, etc.

Follow Up: A consumer sees or hears about a product or service but doesn’t immediately buy on impulse. The product or service provider then fades from memory never to be considered again…unless some sort of follow up takes place. During this article “follow up” is simply defined getting the product or service in front of the consumer again.

While impulse purchases may seem to be easier sales than follow up, the majority of products and services are made after several follow ups. Few Real Estate agents have ever encountered someone calling them up and saying that they wanted to buy a house they drove by because they saw it and decided on impulse they wanted to buy it.

While this example may seem a little overboard for your industry, take an item with lower price point. Let’s take Mike Rowe from the History Channel’s “Dirty Jobs” who has recently been promoting Lee’s Premium Select Jeans. Chances are that if you saw his commercial while watching the morning news you didn’t rush out and buy some Lee’s Jeans.

On your way to work though, let’s say you passed a billboard marketing Lee’s Premium Select Jeans. Later in the day, you happened to be listening to Pandora at work and an ad came on that promoted Lee’s Premium Select Jeans. That night you headed out to a movie with your spouse and as you parked and walked into the mall towards the movie theater you walked past JC Penny’s and they have a picture of Lee’s Premium Select Jeans, along with a table full of different sizes.

Now, you might not even be in the market for jeans. In fact, you may not even have consciously realized that four times in one day Lee’s Premium Select Jeans followed up with you, but the next time you are in the market for some new jeans they may be the first thing that comes to mind.

As another example, buyers usually begin looking about 6 months before they are ready to buy a house. As all real estate agents know, if you don’t follow up with a buyer when you have first contact with them, they will contact someone else and the lead will be lost.

My wife and I met with several real estate agentsbwhen looking for our first home. We even had the former president of the local association of Realtors show us a home. Most of them never followed up with us (Most likely because they figured we didn’t know what we wanted, which was entirely untrue. We just wanted a good deal on a house we could fix up ourselves, we didn’t care if it was a ranch or a condo). Eventually we found a realtor who actually would call us back and continued followed up. Within a year and a half we had purchased two homes through her, and listed one for sale home with her. Not bad for simply following up with a client.

Okay, so I’ve convinced you about the value of following up with a potential customer. Now how does this relate to Social Media Marketing? Once someone likes your Facebook page, follows you on Twitter or subscribes to your channel on Youtube you have the potential to follow up with them regularly! A real estate agent might post a link to a new video featuring a new listing every few days. If a potential buyer is in the market for a new house you can bet they are going to watch the video! Even people who are not in the market but dream of a newer, better, fancier house will often times take a peak.

You say – that is great for real estate agents, but what about my industry? Imagine a restaurant who lists their daily lunch special an hour before lunch time. You would have repeat customers checking for today’s lunch special. When customers who were just checking their Facebook on break saw your lunch special, they would be motivated to visit.

If you’re thinking that this sounds great, we are offering a free white paper to help you get your social media marketing started at our Be Sighted Social Marketing website that we’d love to give you!


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