Usa is Bleeding To Death-Poem

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America is Bleeding to Death

I was struck recently when I opened my Christmas sausage and cheese collection from, “Johnsonville®”, a gift from my father who, having no idea what to buy for a son who needs nothing, well nothing affordable, settled on this as my gift.

It contained the usual and expected assortment of cheeses; Swiss and pepper jack, sausage selections consisting of one roll of, “Original” and another of, “Old World Recipe”, sausage, one jar of mustard and one package of dried, made from plywood, onion salted crackers. Included in the box, obviously costing far more than the items it contained, was also a small wooden cutting board and a 4 inch cheese knife.

So far, nothing more or less than would have been expected, yet the shock was still to come. Upon settling in, opening the brightly adorned package, retrieving a few items from the fauve felt lining of the box’s interior I began to eat. I began with a bit of Swiss on crackers, yet was soon to abandon the inedible crackers and munch on just the poor quality, yet edible Swiss cheese by itself. As I ate, for reasons I can’t quite remember I examined the underside of the small 4 by 6 inch cutting board where, to my amazement and hearty chagrin, I saw what to me, spelled out boldly and completely explained the fall of America, the why, the how and most certainly the, by whom.

            For there on the underside on the small piece of unadorned wood, black lettered upon a small, white paper sticker lay printed the words, “Made in China”.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Is it possible that America has lost the technology to produce 4 by 6 inch, flat pieces of ¾ inch thick wood? Why is this, how can this be, I asked my colleges at work.

“Well heck, they can do it cheaper that’s all. You know with our labor unions and all, heck they just pay them a bowl or rice.”

Bullcr*p I exclaim! Are they telling me that China can cut down a tree in a distant northern forest, where they still exist, haul it to a mill, then to a factory, then cut and manufacture in into small 4 by 6 inch cutting boards, truck or fly it hundreds, or tens of hundreds of miles to a coastal city, load it on a cargo ship, sail it 8000 miles to the USA, and sell it for a profit, cheaper that we in America can do this in our own backyard, without the 8000 mile trip involved. What BS! Who are these overeducated idiots that our universities keep rushing out with so called masters in business, economy and finance who actually believe this ridiculous crap.

No, they do it because we let them! It is not cheaper, only easier. The fat-cats, the greedy evil Wal-Mart executives, hell all of the BS filled, stupid lazy incompetents that run our corporations are to blame as well as our corrupt politicians. The handout loving Obamma-crats, who think selling crack, living off welfare and government assistance, screwing society as a whole at the cost of our entire nations future, is somehow equitable justice, justice for all of the hardships some unknown black people suffered, somewhere in our nations unknown past, at the hands of some unknown peoples, many of whom, by the way, were the direct ancestors of our President, Mr. Obama himself; His ancestors being documented slave traders on Africa’s ivory and skeleton coasts. Mr. Obomma, what of the tens of thousands of white Americans that volunteered, fought and died horrible gruesome deaths for one and one reason only. The abolishment of slavery in our country! I’ll speak nothing of all of Americas wars and the sacrifices so many of all races and creeds have given, (all those who served our nation that you find so dishonorable) so that you and your cronies in Government, politics and business can suck up what you haven’t earned, lie, steal and cheat about everything you have ever done or will ever do.

Redistribution of wealth? Where do these idiots get off? What do these absolutely asinine fools think they will buy with their billions and billions of stolen profits when America goes down into chaos and war and the American dollar is worth spit! I’ll tell what they will buy, a grave, and nothing more.

            Wake up America! Get rid of these people, these politicians, CEO’s, lazy corruptible entitlement addicts and programs. Or stock up on wheat and ammunition. America is dying and I, for one, am tired of watching her bleed.

            If you hate us so much, get the Hell out! That goes for you too Mr. Obamma and your hate filled wife as well. I love my country; Go find one of your own!

 The End

© 2011, Wayne Wilks


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