Yesterday, Tomorrow-Poem

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Yesterday, Tomorrow


Tomorrow shades, passion stains, remembered bliss

My future paths designed by this, forevermore will her I kiss


Yesterday will send me there, forever will I seek her fair

My history today proclaim, for her my love, to all my shame


Through days of space I sit alone, write of breaths and breaths unknown

I dream, I wish, I hope tonight, this day your love, within my sight


Of all the things I do control, of this there is but one, who knows

Who starts and stops our birth and life, who all for love and justice fights


When blackest time of all times known, she lies with me until the morn

Till sunlit beam through window streaks, I gladly pray for day’s mistake


Through toil and toll, we do partake, for her and them a home to make

Daylights labor, sunlit pain, until within her arms again

© 2010, Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks

You Will See

I am a vagabond

A wanderer in time

I stench of open graves and moldy ground

I look of rotting flesh and oozing slime

You will see. You will smell. You will die.

You’re a believer in love

Yet afraid of my knife

You smell of homes, of children and of doves

You look of hope, of peace, and of life

You will see. You will smell. You will die.

You’re a thing from heaven

I’m a thing from Hell

We’re separated on seven

By the ringing of a bell

You will see. You will smell. You will die.

I’m the taker for sins

The slayer of Macbeth

It is I who always wins

For I am no other than death

You have seen. You have smelled. You have died…

© Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks 1975-2009


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