Verizon Iphone 4 16Gb News

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After a long time, petience is about to end because IPhone 4 is introducing with Verizon and the technology is raising the quality of mobile phones day by day. The price of IPhone 4 is announcing as 200$ with new features in it that will allow the users with flexibility in usage and will convenience the users as per their usage. It will allow users to connect their computers with Iphone 4 through it latest antenna and different applications. Fastest internet speed can be enjoyed on Iphone 4 through WiFi, the latest technology introduced in Iphone.

Iphone 4 is basically a CDMA technology based mobile phone that allow users to get access with the fastest speed of internet. According to the Verizon management this phone will be available in America in Feb, 2011. Customers can place orders online to purchase this super antenna based mobile phone. A dream is as far as your fingers from your computer to place this order.

After releasing the news of Iphone 4 a great desperation has been seen in American People who are really thanking verizon to introduce this iphone4 16GB in America. Most of the people have a view that they got rid from AT & T now and they can use the latest technology introduced by Verizon. All Iphone 4g lovers are waiting and placing the online orders to get this Mobile device as soon as possible.


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