What Lies Inside-Poem

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What Lives Inside

The who we are, the world can’t see, the masks we wear shade secrete beings

Behind the eyes lay other lies, another wife, unknown lover, other life

Always there beyond our mind, waiting, casting, biding time

When weak prevails or thick of dream, it surges out like thickened cream

Yes there lives inside us all, another one, deep within, beyond thick walls

It sits alone with lustful thoughts, leering gestures, shameless wants

 A loathsome creature unlike ourselves, void of goodness, lacking will

Scheming, shameless on the look, on the prowl with trap and hook

Goodwill, Honor, selflessness are things, ideals, it would not miss

Seeking only selfish thrills, erotic moments, stolen chills

Perverted eyes through which it sees, filled with naked magazines

Knows not love nor ever will, but dreams of things, to ardor fill

Crouched in blackness, both hands filled, oozing wetness, spurting ill

It dreams our dreams left unfulfilled, yearns to dance, to make them real

Of things in hand both soft and stiff, some to stroke, some to kiss

Tt’s eager tongue and hungry mouth, pine and hope for all that spouts

It yearns to suckle youthful flesh, to leer and lurch, if found the chance

Firm round breasts, tipped with creams, mushroom tops, gushing steam

It covets all, both kith and kin, cousin, sister, neighbor, friend

It does not care, nor will it know, men hard as ice, gals soft as snow

Hidden well, kept far from sight, it lurks and creeps throughout the night

Peaking out from crooks and cracks, it seeks escape, to sliver out

It’s there I know, inside of me, I know, I know, for there… I see

Draped in shadow, down the hall, in front of me hung from the wall

there it is, within I see

Within the mirror, standing free… looking back with smiles…at me

(c)2011 Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks


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