Sandwich Buffet: A Creative Idea For a Fun, Healthy Meal For Kids.

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   My daughter recently came home from school and explained to me how they were learning about nutrition and the food pyramid. She showed me an activity that they had done about building your favorite sandwich. They first named it and proceeded to write all of the ingredients that they would put on their ideal sandwich. I realized that this was just supposed to be a silly little exercise, but then she got more persistant. She wanted to know how many of these items we had and when we could start making it.

   I thought about it more and more and decided this might be a great opportunity for letting them be creative and at the same time learning that they can be independent too. So we went over the rules and started pulling stuff out of the cupboards and the fridge. We piled it on the counter in sections like this.

  •  Breads and wraps to start the sandwich.

  •  Condiments such as mayo, mustard, ranch and jelly.

  • Proteins like ham, roast beef, turkey, chicken and peanut butter.

  • Different types of cheeses.

  •  Veggies like lettuce, tomatoes and onions.

  •  Extras like craisins and pretzels.

   We also thought of a few other things that would be fun and different. Pita pockets, different types of condiments that kids aren’t used to like tzaziki or nutella. Other veggies like cucumbers, red peppers, sprouts and other things like bacon. The possibilities are almost endless. Just make sure they put at least one protein in it and let them work their magic. The combinations they come up with can seem pretty disgusting, like pb&j with craisin eyes, roast beef ears and a ham mouth. But wait until they tell you how it is quite possibly the best sandwich in the world. And the fun and freedom they feel from doing it all by themselves makes it even more precious. It’ll soon become a favorite night to look forward to in your house.


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