Iphone War Craze. Verizon or At&t

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I’m sure you’ve already heard that Verizon announced on Tuesday, 1/11/11, that they will begin selling Apple’s iPhone 4 in early February.  For everyone battling the Blackberry with Verizon, and the constant battery pulling, and all those other issues, there will also be a few new issues with your Verizon iPhone 4.  Did we think it would be perfect?

The guts of the Verizon iPhone will not be the same one that is sold by AT&T.  They may look a lot similar, maybe even identical on the outside, but the real issue is the core of the phone.  Really, do you care what the antennae on the outside looks like? 

Verizon’s network uses different technology than AT&T.  I think that’s a no brainer, but Apple has had to adapt their phone to accommodate Verizon’s network.  That means this is a first generation Verizon iPhone.  Remember back to the first generation iPhone with AT&T?  They had their issues, but they’ve ironed them out; right?  Be prepared to have some with Verizon, just sayin!

According to Daniel S. Mead, Chief Executive of Verizon Wireless, their networks use a CDMA technology (not that that matters to the average joe), which cannot transmit voice and data at the same time.  Well, that certainly matters to the average joe!  We can figure out that Verizon iPhone users won’t be able to look up those directions or check their e-mail while on a call, like in all those iPhone commercials with AT&T (which incidentally, I happen to enjoy. I love the one where they’re on the train,and . . . 

The Verizon’s version is said to not be working as well in all countries.  What countries?  No one’s saying!  AT&T uses GSM technology. (Again, the average joe really doesn’t care about that.  We just want it work!)

Other than those simple issues, they’ll work pretty much the same.  All those apps!  All those apps!   All just waiting for me to purchase them to my iPhone.  The excitement is hardly containable.  But when? When can I get this handheld gem?  When can I start “rethinking my possibilities?” 

If you’re already an existing Verizon customer, you can start ordering yours on February 3, 2011, and anyone else that wants to switch over to Verizon can start ordering theirs on February 10, 2011.

Verizon will be selling the iPhone at $199 with a two-year contract for the 16 gigabyte phone.  The 32-gigabyte phone will be $299.  Hey, that’s the same price as the AT&T iPhone! If I’m already on AT&T, I may be thinking I’m not switching right about now.

Verizon has not yet determined the pricing on the data plans for the iPhone, but I’ll bet it won’t be any less inexpensive than the AT&T package.  I’ll bet it will be a penny or two off the price of the AT&T phones, because they’ll want you to think you have the same thing for a better price; even if it is only a penny. Isn’t that how Walmart gets away with advertising they are the lowest prices?

So if you’re happy with your AT&T iPhone, don’t jump ship right away.  The only way to use the iPhone with the fastest speed, talk & use those phenomenal apps (Oh, my! The anticipation!) and the “unsurpassed global coverage as only AT&T can deliver,” is to use AT&T. 

There are whispers that it’s possible Verizon will offer something that AT&T doesn’t provide (What? Something more to compare?  You mean I may have to start weighing the pros and cons?)  Verizon may be offering a “Wi-Fi connection to as many as five laptops and other devices by piggybacking on the iPhone’s cellular data connection.” This is getting rather technical now! 

Seriously!  This is starting to become very exciting!  Of course, this would cost an additional, unspecified monthly amount.  (Okay, I’m getting a little scared with that “undetermined” figure.) 

Verizon’s iPhone will be on their 3G network.  We’ve all heard the hype on the “NEW 4G NETWORK,” and it wasn’t even an AT&T commercial!  So why isn’t Verizon on board with the 4G?  I think Apple is just staying loyal to AT&T.  My opinion, maybe we need to also…..or at least until those bugs can be figured out!

Happy apping!


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