Winter Grows-Poem

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Winter Grows

Oh, but how the winter grows

Spring and summer both enfold

Autumn hues and dawning cold

But mists of new tomorrows, hold

Creeping round in deepest gloom

Seeking dreamy souls in bloom

With gentle laughter, tender nights

Golden hair it turns to white

With springtime’s blush of verdant bliss

Does hopeful youth taste sprouting lips

Newly birthed, doth spring then wish

With budding breast and yearning, kiss

A willing love, a fertile touch

To awake in her the passions missed

Then lay her down in fields of green

To take from her what virgins give

Strong and swollen, summers flush

With eager heads, long stalks erect

His fertile grains, she draws within

The seasons love, entwined remain

For autumns rest and winters rain

Soon slow and wither spry season’s fray

Now spent and seeded, future springs

With sated chaff, lay browning hay

Oh, but how the winter grows

As bodies’ tight, do touch no more

As gentle petals, dry, withdrawn

Know fallow breasts, sallow scorn

Replacing what was newly born

Men of gray in morn distress

Suckling babes in vain do thirst

As bedrooms glow, now merely mist

Of moonlight rays on ice and drift

And seasoned lads in wife’s embrace

Does shiver at her twilight chill

As winter creeps, resentment kills

Oh, but how the winter grows

Long of tooth and gray of main

Where bleary, dreary days of age

But forgetfulness, their slumbers wage

Where innocence and youthful boom

Vigor, youth and sapping branch

Before the harvest scythe have flown

South, to where the bitters grow

Regretting all that once it knew

Of flush and dew and children’s joy

Of carefree days and careless love

But now dreams of all that was

Where guilt of soul and hearts lament

Forgiveness lost, in anger spent

Yet seeks and dreams tomorrows bliss

In windswept drift and icy cliff

Oh, but how the winter grows

Where sagging breast and worn hellos

Earn cooling touch and frosting flesh

With hands grown calloused, old and wretched

Where cold of night and frost of morn

Tear pages from the shade that was

Where kisses fade from mornings light

And softly sweet, does flee the night

Where hearts were once, forever close

Now dream of springs in other lands

Another’s lips, another’s hands

Where ashen skies of sun bewail

With longing shadows, in silent throes

Loves grows old, her passions spent

In heartless rime and thoughtless snows

Spring lies and waits for warming glow

Oh to be with spring once more

With hearty laughter, wine and whore

To dance in lovers warm embrace

To sigh and thrust with lovers grace

Where births the growth of lovers moans

And melts the chilly, virgin snows

© 2010 Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilk


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