Wild Flower-Poem

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Bright and enchanting, made for romancing

Wide round petals to please all the fellows

Simply alluring, I simply enduring

White as white, black as black

Once inside them, never look back

Leaves made of silk, of soft and of brown,

To hold in your hand and take into town

To caress in the night and hold you quite tight

To keep you away from the lonely dark night

Press them quite close and keep them all warm,

Do what you can to keep out of the storm

Give them all and ask for naught

Except for love, and that’s a lot.

The stems are long and firm and round

To hold such a love, to keep firmly bound

So thin and so sleek so wrapped and so tight

I ache and yearn for oh such a sight

I plead and beg and ask quite a lot

I give of myself and all that I‘ve sought

I pluck and I think that I have it as mine

As it withers away, dead on the vine

I wish I knew just what I should do

Or what I did once when once that it grew

For once it’s been picked, it all disappears

Seldom to be seen, for most the year

Then when in spring it rears up its head

Fresh and new and just out of bed

Very alive and willing until

The day that I say, I love you thou still

Then once again it feels the stress

blows away and leaves a mess

For it is scared and frightened too

Of the words expressed, I love you

I stop my search when I hear these

I long no more for another’s tease

For these I see above the rest

I want and need for all their the best

I’d give it all and take much less

If only I was put to test

I love so hard, so hard it hurts

I has to last it has to work

I like you wild I like you free

I want you now just as you be

So please don’t think I’d hold you down

For why you’re wild is why I’m around

© Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks 1989-2009


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