Businesses Use Call Tracking to Survive

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Some companies have taken it upon themselves to ask every customer how they learned of their company, but that becomes time consuming for the employees and annoying for the clients. Publishing companies may furnish survey results to justify the effectiveness of their service or media, but is it working for you?

ACI Call Tracking is a company who has been working on perfecting a solution. Call tracking can answer the questions: Is my advertising working for my business? Is it paying for itself?

ACI Call Tracking allows you to measure the success of your marketing campaigns by tracking responses to your campaign. The analytic tools records and measures every call your company receives and places, ridding you of the guesstimates and hunches associated with advertising. The inbound and outbound telephone calls are digitally recorded and stored online allowing you to increase accountability among those who are handling the calls, provide a beneficial training tool for employees and shows you peak time for calls letting you adjust your staff accordingly.

An ACI Call Tracking account can show you the location of your callers, when calls are coming in and differentiates campaigns to show you which ads are showing results. One business owner had this to say about ACI Call Tracking:

“What drew me to ACI Call Tracking? With business slowing down I wanted to maximize our current advertising budget. I was actually able to reduce spending in certain areas of advertising by cutting advertising to areas that didn’t work and putting that money into other places. To my surprise, next year our revenue increased by 25% and in the meantime we saved $10,000 a year. ACI Call Tracking gave me the tools to accomplish that!” – Alex C., Owner/Manager for 8 years.

ACI Call Tracking has become a leader in helping businesses to gain control over their advertising and eliminate unneeded spending. Advertising is critical to survival, but only when it contributes enough to add to the bottom line. To survive in our current environment, businesses can’t afford to be wasteful.

ACI Call Tracking offers call tracking and recording features for both home and business users. For more information, or to sign up for service, please visit our web site located at


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