Why Some Key Jewelers Are Good While Others Are Not

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In our day key jewelers are everywhere. Hardly do you pass one while running to the store for bread and another, two or more at your local mall on the weekend while frantically rummaging the shelves for that ever-impossible size of jeans to find – yours. What these dealers have in common is you; they want you to shop for jewelery in their store.

In reality each jewelery shop is screaming for your attention. “Shop here. Me, me, me!” they beckon. But this wooing takes the form of customer service, how the dealer’s staff attends to your needs. A good jeweler knows this selfless service builds trust which in turn creates customer loyalty. He wants you to come to his store not only for your wedding rings and Christmas earrings, but also for your children’s graduation rings and your four-times-removed Aunt Margaret’s burial ring. Because jewelery is given at such important occasions, people attach emotion to the jewelery; and, therefore, shop for a jeweler they feel they can trust to serve them well.

In searching for the best jeweler, one can learn what to look for in the parable of key Jewelers. The shop opened originally with a showcase and Vernie’s workbench which he used to repair watches and clocks. Although Vernie only had jewelery enough for one showcase, he kept at it until he eventually opened his own shop – ground-floor level. Two years later Vernie and Ruby opened a new jewelery shop at a local bank they remodeled themselves.

Current owner and Vernie’s grandson, Doug eventually purchased the shop himself. He had been working full-time at key Jewelery since graduating from high school, saving to buy the shop from his dad Marion, who had previously worked regularly with Vernie on a part-time basis. Doug and his wife Judy remodeled the shop which they operated as a couple, revealing an upstairs balcony which few knew even existed.

When you consider getting key jewelery you should first do all the research you can. Inquire of your friends and relatives, acquaintances and co-workers of their experience with purchasing key jewelery. A testimonial from a trusted source is of more value than any testimonial posted on the company website. He or she can also guide you as to what to ask for or look for – maybe a preference in sales associate, and so on. Then hop on the Internet and research the site for yourself. Ask yourself, “Does this jeweler offer the kind of jewelery I’m looking for?”

Now with shop preference clearly in your mind (and adequately researched), you are ready for the next step: buy some jewelery. By this I do not mean use your debit online. No. If a trustworthy relationship is what you want, then you’ll need to go to the shop. Ask the staff for samples, ask policy questions and warranty questions – not to the point of being rude or nit-picky – just to see how much give they have when jabbed. If they are kind, patient and knowledge, then you have found a good key jewelers.

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