Famous People Who Died On January 10Th

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Dying is just like taxes in the respect that it is going to happen to you and me. Over history, we realize it doesn’t matter who you are, you are going to face death. Famous people have no secret weapon against death.
They are just like you and I. They will die. We will die. Death is a part of life. However, many of us look forward to eternal life in Heaven. After we all pass from this world, I hope to meet each one of you in a better place called Heaven.

We Live And We Die

 Nobody Lives Forever

See You In Heaven

What Happened on January 10thin History?

1861- Florida becomes 3rd state to secede from US

1863- 1st underground railway opens in London

1920- League of Nations established

1943- Russian offensive against German 6th/4th Armies near Stalingrad

Famous People who died on January 10thin history

1573-1645 –William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury, beheaded for treason at 71 because he opposed radical forms of Puritanism

1754-1794 –Georg Forster was a German scientist and revolutionary, A Voyage Round the World; he went on James Cook’s second Expedition to the Pacific

1814-1862 –Samuel Colt was the inventor of the (6 shot revolver), dies at 47

1775-1863 –Lyman Beecher, US Presbyterian clergyman, temperance movement leader, credited with the Second Great Awakening of the United States

1833-1883 –Dr. Samuel A. Mudd American medical doctor who was convicted and imprisoned for conspiring with John Wilkes Booth to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln, he was pardoned by President Andrew Johnson and released from prison.

1846-1917 –Buffalo Bill Cody was an American soldier, bison hunter and showman; he received the Medal of Honor in 1872 for gallantry in action while serving as a scout for the 3rdCavalry Regiment

1866-1922 –Frank Tudor was the leader of the Australian Labor Party

1885-1951 –Harry Sinclair Lewis was a famous US writer, won the Nobel Prize in 1930 for literature dies at 65

1906-1978 –John D Rockefeller III was a famous US billionaire/philanthropist, third generation member of the Rockefeller family

1909-2002- W.A. Criswell was an American (Baptist) preacher and the patriarch of the conservative resurgence,”God sends people into our lives just when we need them, to say the right word, His word, just when we need it.”

1967-2008- Christopher Bowman was an American figure skater who died from an accidental drug overdose at the age of 40

1900-2009-William Frederick “Bill” Stone was British World War I veteran and one of the last five World War I veterans who served in the United Kingdom’s armed forces, Stoker Chief Petty Officer was his rank, he also served through World War II

This is series of famous people who died was inspired by Faye Farley who writes about famous people who were born on the same dates. Each day I will make a list of the famous people who died on the particular day with a link
to her story about who was born on a particular day. Today’s famous deaths will be linked to her September 27 story because she has not made it to October yet. Click here to check out Faye’s writing






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