Google Adsense And Keywords

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To Make Money online you will need to think of the big picture.  What most people forget is that by only thinking of the big picture or general things, the details are left on the sidelines.  This can affect your “bottom line” or your Google AdSense revenue.  In this business, we all want to make a profit.

One of the ways that more “Advanced” website owners build their business, beyond linking and working on their business more hours than others, is by keyword research.  There are simple ways of keyword research all of them are easy to do and for the most part produce the same effect for their work as does the others ones.  The main difference is experience and understanding.

Below is a list of three things you can do to make keyword research a part of your business.  This will help your profits on Google AdSense but also improve your search engine optimization.

1) Do a search engine keyword research:  For example, people who search the Internet a lot will find that certain websites come up based upon the search terms that they have typed in the “search bar.”  You job then are to be aware of your own search choices and see what comes up based upon what you type into Google or MSN’s Bing, or on Yahoo.   

If you believe that there is potential to use a certain keyword in your business, then you should use it  the chances of making money based upon a keyword is higher than by simply “writing what you feel”

2) Search Engine research and Keyword Tools:  This is more advanced and as effective but is far less time-consuming than search engine keyword research.  Here you use the keyword research tool, from Google AdWords, to determine what the best keywords are found for your website or blog.

The key thing here is balance, you want to have traffic, but you also do not want to have a competitive keyword term so that you do not get traffic.  Choosing a keyword, which does not get much search engine “searches,” is also a bad thing as well.  Look for balance in your choice of keywords.

3) Keyword Research and a Linking Strategy:  using both these will help you profit on your Google AdSense clicks.  The reason is simple, if you choose a good keyword, not high paying, but not low paying and build links often the following will happen.

Your links will grow over time and more traffic will come your way, and two the types of ads that are found will be closer to your websites topic.  Understand that not everyone makes money with AdSense, and that you need to think long-term.  This is all about increaing traffic and building links is one way to increase traffic, which in turn will make you money with Google AdSense.

The goal most website owners have are very general:  Increase traffic, and make money with Google AdSense.  To do this, you need to think about teh search engines and keyword research.  Try these methods and see which one works best for you. 

Only you can build your business.  Google need keywords and uses them on AdSense and on AdWords, but it is up to you to build your site based upon keywords you know will get you traffic and better AdSense ads.   


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