Blueprint to Healthy Eating Habits

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We all want to eat healthy, but still don’t do so. The ease of being able to procure junk food at will has reduced the urge to cook healthy meals at home. Unfortunately the fast food that we consume is only causing more health problems in the long run for us to deal with. SO why not nip the problems in the bud. Figure out how and what to eat so that you can live a health and long life.

Calories Needed
Depending on your age and your lifestyle the number of calories you need varies from 1200 per day to 2200. On an average a person with a desk job and not much physical activity can do with 1500 (for women) and 1800 calories (for men) in a day. Unfortunately most of us exceed these limits. Thus the extra calories which we consume get stored as Fat Deposits in the body.

Foods to eat
So what should we be eating to acquire the right number of calories and all the required carbohydrates, proteins, fats, mineral, vitamins, and roughage that the body needs? Since the nutritious value of fresh fruits and vegetables is very high, we must include these in our diet. Also dairy products are needed in small quantities as well as cereals and grains which should be eaten as unrefined as possible.

Foods to Avoid
The more a particular food gets processed the lower its nutritive value is. For instance, if you get some fresh corn on the cob, it will be more nutritious than the processed frozen corn kernels that are stored in the refrigerator in the supermarket. Similarly an apple eaten raw is healthier than one stewed in sugar syrup. As for cakes and pastries, the wheat is ground so fine to make flour that the roughage is reduced to nil. And of course anything fried loses most of its nutritious vitamins.

Quantities to Eat
How much do we need to eat? Elements such as how often we eat and what we eat will determine how we manage our calorie intake. Essentially the day’s food intake should total up to 1500/1800 calories. However when you start you need to  measure how much you are eating now, before you know what you must reduce to fit into the new calorie intake routine.

In my next article you can read about how to count the calories that you consume in the day.


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