Different Kinds of Room Thermostats

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A room thermostat (do you know that the Danish term is Kamerthermostaat) can provide you the desired temperature you want in your house. During summer season, you can have no weather issues once it gets warm and humid. If it is winter time, you can reduce the coolness of the environment by setting your device into warmer temperature. These are the main functions of a room thermostat.

There are different kinds of room thermostats you can buy, install and use in your home. They differ based on features and benefits. However, there is for sure an advantage and disadvantage of each kind of thermostats. Without further ado, here are the different types of thermostats.

Mechanical Non-Programmable Room Thermostat

Among the three major kinds of thermostats, mechanical non-programmable room thermostat is the oldest type that is still widely used these days. This thermostat comes in a coil that features two different metal strips sandwiched together. This thermostat tips a small glass bottle that once temperature changes, the two metal strips expand while the coil winds or unwinds that cause to tip the glass bottle and roll the mercury to the other end of the glass bottle. The temperature of a particular room will stay at the setpoint wherein the glass bottle of the mercury is level. This is a cost effective type of a room thermostat which makes it still popular until these days.

Digital Non-Programmable Room Thermostat

This type of a room thermostat is the same as mechanical non-programmable. The only different it makes is electric temperature sensor is used instead of a coil. There is a microprocessor that provides readings of the temperature which you can choose to set. In short, this kind of room thermostat is more reliable and accurate than the mechanical one. Another benefit is that digital non-programmable room thermostat is a lot more eco-friendly that using mechanical because there is no need to use mercury.

Digital Programmable Room Thermostat

The most reliable and convenient type of room thermostat to use is digital programmable. You all have the control to program the temperature of your heating devices. You could set in for a day, for weekdays and for weekends. This is an easier way to set the temperature based on your needs and wants. If you want your room to be cooler than the environmental climate, then you can just program it in an instant.

These are the thermostats you can select to install depending on the device system you are using at home. This means that you must know the type of system your house has when it comes to choosing a room thermostat. It would help you get the right kind of room thermostat to install.

Among the different type of systems available, line voltage, heat pumps, multi stage heat pumps, singe stage and multi stage are the common ones.Determining the system in your home would help you in selecting the room thermostat you need to install in your house. If you prefer to get the digital programmable room thermostat, then you need to ensure your system works for this kind of heating device.


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