7 Tips to Burn Calories in Your Daily Routine

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Do you feel that you want to “do something ” about your weight and fitness level, but don’t have the time to do it? Guess what you don’t have to do a special organized activity to perk up your stamina or health level. Here are seven things that you can do every day and they will help you.

1. Drink minimum 8 glasses of water
When you increase your water intake, you flush out the toxins and hydrate your body. The metabolism of your body speeds up and you will feel more active and energetic all through the day. Just have a glass of water on the hour every hour all through the day.

2. Eat a fruit every day
It does not matter what fruit you pick. It could be an apple, an orange, a banana, some grapes or even a sapodilla. Just make sure that you eat one fresh fruit in the day. You will need to buy the fruits and keep handy, so make sure you pick them up.

3. Take the stairs
If you have a choice between using the escalator, elevator or stairs, pick the stairs. You will  get a mini work out and burn calories. Exercise gets the adrenalin flowing so that way you are likely to feel more active and refreshed.

4. Avoid Junk Food
Yes that packet of crisps looks good and that hamburger would make a great snack, but they will also add on to your calories far more than they will satisfy your hunger. Eat healthy, if you must have instant food get yourself pop corn or steamed corn.

5. Stretch yourself and distress your body
Sitting at a desk all day may not seem tiring but the body gets jammed in a single posture. So you need to ensure that you stretch your muscles once a day. Walk around for a while before you return to the desk.

6. Eat half portions at a time
Don’t load your plate with all the food that you feel hungry for at the first go. Take half of what you feel you will need to eat. Now chew slowly and enjoy the food. Go back for seconds, but take half of what you took before. Believe me you will not get hungry for the rest.

7. Drink a glass of milk
The truth is that milk is a heavy fluid and a healthy one. The minute you drink a glass of milk your tummy will be full. You can even skip dinner if you have a glass of milk at night. Try it out, you can always eat a light snack if you feel hungry at night.

Here’s to your health


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