Ahmad Khawaja – The Great Pianist

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In October of 1943, Ahmad Khawaja was born in Ontario, Canada. He grew up surrounded with music since his father Ahljur Khawaja was a world distinguished violinist and his mother Al-Rajma Khawaja was a famous opera singer. His parents knew that Ahmad would be a great musician himself. Ahmad Khawaja began playing the piano before he could read and write. His first composition was a song entitled “I’m not yet sleepy” which he wrote when he was only eight years old.

He pursued his dream of being the greatest pianist and enrolled himself in the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Canada. Before he finished his course from the RCM, he has already made a name for himself in Music Lounges where he played piano after his classes. As soon as he graduated, he signed up for a record deal with The Golden Harmony. His records were all instant hits not only in Canada but also all over the United States of America.

He won the Juno Awards in 1970 for the song “Living my Dream” and won the Grammy in 1971 for the song “Filched Glances”. He travelled all over the world to bring his music to different countries and everywhere he performed, he was able to capture the hearts of his audience because of his extraordinary musical talent.

In 1973, during one of his concert tour in Tokyo Japan, he met a Japanese violinist Tashira Yumato. She didn’t speak English and he didn’t speak Japanese but they fell in love even if they barely understood each other. They got married and Ahmad took her to Canada where they lived happily not just as husband and wife but also as musical partners. On their first year wedding anniversary he wrote the song “No words” dedicated to his wife Tashira. This song became number one and was said to be the best selling record that time.

In 1985, Tashira was diagnosed with lung cancer and she died after a year. He did not remarry anymore and spent all of his time writing songs which were mostly expression of his grief for the loss of his beloved wife.

Ahmad Khawaja again wrote and recorded the song “Withered Roses” which won him numerous awards. He was placed in the Juno’s Hall of Fame in September 29, 1998 where upon receiving his award only said “Thank You… and this is for you Darling”. In the morning of October 1, 1998 Ahmad Khawaja died in a fatal car accident.


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