5 Popular Exercises to Burn Calories And Melt The Fat Away

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When you want to lose weight you need to consume less calories than what you burn in the day. It is a simple mathematical equation. Now you have two choices you can either reduce the calories you consume each day by going on a diet, or you can increase the number of calories that you burn each day with some physical exercise.

While controlling your food intake and going on a diet is more popular with most people, the truth is that going on a calorie burning spree with exercise is far more effective. Here are five popular exercises that tend to burn the calories away fast.

1. Walking or jogging
No matter what level of fitness you are at you can start walking right away. If you don’t have too much time just take out 15 minutes a day for a short walk and you will see the difference right away. Of course to be really effective as a weight loss tool you will need to walk fast and walk regularly for at least 45 minutes daily. Jogging is something that you can progress to as your fitness level increases.

2. Dancing
Make your hobby your exercise. Just blast your favorite songs and dance for half an hour. You will sweat and burn calories and have fun doing it as well. If you are more adventurous you can join in a class to learn some particular type of dancing like Salsa or Jive. Have fun and burn fat.

3. Swimming
This is a great exercise for the summers. Even if you do not know how to swim you should get into the pool and walk around. It will burn more calories than walking on the ground. Plus you can always hold the rail and kick. Great  way to burn calories and improve stamina levels.

4.  Yoga
You can teach yourself a few basic posture and breathing exercises and do them at home. The Pranayam breathing techniques can be very effective in shaping your tummy muscles besides helping raise your metabolic levels.

5. Cycling
Again this is a summer time exercise and you get a lot of fresh air and fun when you go cycling. You can also make it a social event by going out on a cycling expedition with friends. It will be a great way to spend time and exercise your body.


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