All About Baby Bassinets

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There are plenty of places where baby can sleep when they come home from the hospital. They spend a lot of time sleeping, as this is when they grow. They are not going to care much about where they are sleeping, so you have to do what you think is best for your family and living situation. There are tons of options, so do what you like and what works for your life. Some like to put baby in the crib right away, but others like to have baby in room with them at first, especially if they are breastfeeding. Baby bassinets are just one of the great options out there.

Baby bassinets have been around and have been used for a very long time. They are small, convenient, and can often be unisex when purchased. They fit in small places, some are portable, and most can be used for more than one baby. They come in different sizes and styles, and are always comfortable and safe places for baby to sleep as long as you use them correctly and keep a few safety issues in mind. Your baby bassinet may hold special place in your heart, as this is where they first sleep when they come home with you.

Always give any baby bassinets you are considering a good once or twice-over when you buy. This means choosing among those that have a display model out for you to look at before you decide. See what you think about how sturdy and well built the item is, and how it fits into your home. Always look up safety recalls before you go shopping. Though most stores take all recalled items off the shelves immediately, it is not impossible for one or two to slip through and remain on sale. Only buy baby bassinets that meet your tough safety requirements.

Once you have chosen from the baby bassinets that you like, you get to go home and put it together. Make sure you follow instructions to the letter. Some have wheels and some do not, and if they do, make sure you know how to use brakes to keep the bassinet in place. Also make sure you know where you are going to keep it both at night and during the day, and remove any wall hanging above where it will stay. Pictures and other items hung above baby bassinets can fall and harm baby. Be safe and keep the walls bare in those spots.

Make sure you by appropriately sized sheets for your brand of baby bassinets. Any sheet that comes loose or come off is a choking and SIDS hazard for your baby. Also follow instructions for size and age. Some baby bassinets are good for babies up to six months of age, while others only are safe for babies up to three months. Once baby is larger and more active, they need to be moved to a different sleeping environment. Also know how to lock any bassinets in place that can rock or swing, and show any older children you have how to be safe with them.


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