Loose 200 Calories Per Day Without Even Realizing

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Eat Breakfast

Since we are all in a hurry in the morning it is easy to ignore the first meal of the day. A cup of tea or coffee with some doughnuts does not qualify as breakfast. If you eat your eggs and toast you will be full of nutrients not to mention the fact that you will binge less on snacks through the day.

Don’t eat in front of the TV

When you watch television and eat at the same time the sensors of the body get distracted and you may not register your stomach’s full signal in your brain. That means you will overeat. When you pay attention to each bite you are chewing on it will make it easier for you to realize when to stop eating. Don’t finish everything on your plate You served yourself some food and sat down to eat. After sometime you felt full, but since your plate was not yet empty you continued to eat. This is a childhood habit carried forward thanks to nagging mothers. If you are no longer hungry put the plate down.

Use a smaller sized plate

The brain is very easy to trick. If you use a small sized plate and pile up the same quantity of food in it that you would in the regular sized plate you will feel that you have eaten a lot of food. The visual message to the brain will make you feel that way. Try it out.

Carry a fruit with you

There is bound to be a time during the day when you feel peckish. That is when you must be on your guard. A single cookie can add on 50 unwanted calories, and who has ever stopped at one when you feel hungry. So if you have a fruit with you it will drastically reduce the calorie intake.

Avoid drinks and beverages

There is a great deal of sugar that you can avoid when you cut out drinks and beverages. Carry your water bottle with you everywhere you go. Keep sipping on it all through the day. There are two benefits of this. First you will never get the stomach empty signal from the brain and second you will be well hydrated and boost your metabolism.


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