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Search sites use spiders to crawl through web site content to use for search results, but they only crawl sites they know. However, they follow links from one site to another to find more website content, so getting links from established websites will point the spiders to you so they can find and list your content, and bring you targeted free traffic. Here Are 5 Ways to Get Quality Links for FREE…

Share Worthwhile Content-Become active in communities and blogs related to your niche. Offer useful suggestions as well as links to your site. This is both great for generating free web site traffic directly as well as by building quality links. These two benefits make it very worthwhile to distribute your expertise to other through interactive websites.

Article Submissions-Article marketing is a simple and effective way to get traffic and backlinks for free. Write and submit articles to high PR article directories. Publishers can put inbound links for SEO at the end of the articles. Write short, niche relevant articles and submit them to article hubs, putting related links in your resource box. I use Directory Critic to find great article directories.

Directory Submissions-Get listed in a high PR free website directories. I also use Directory Critic to find the best free and niche related directories to list my websites for free backlinks for SEO .

Social Marketing Power-Use social media sites to syndicate your content and make it viral, which naturally leads to an increase in inbound links to your website. Share valuable content to your social networks, and take time to build your networks large and wide. The more range you have, the more viral your content which naturally building inbound links.

Reciprocal Linking-Exchange links with other webmasters who have websites with related content to yours but not in direct competition with it. Be sure to check back often to ensure your link is still active. Be choosy and make an effort to only exchange links with those webmasters who have valuable websites, and stay away from linking just for the sake of linking.

If you want the best results from your link building time, look at building inbound links as an ongoing process and not just a one time duty. Make it a habit to secure some new links each week, and over time you will gain links, PR, exposure, and more website visits!

You may or may not get immediate results with your efforts, but over time you will build a highly visible website that gets flooded with targeted traffic. The rewards grow larger and larger over time, and the more effort you put in, the more you will get out of all of your internet marketing efforts.


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