Learn to Get Free Web Site Traffic Simply by Using Your Words

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Choosing relevant, in demand keywords that have little competition will give you the seeds for a ton of no cost website traffic, but only if you use those seeds in the right way. Individual pages of a site should be focused around their own unique keyword or phrase. You can use a few additional ones for each page to increase your long tail visibility and page relevance, but ultimately each page should be focused on a particular word or phrase for maximum free website traffic.

A great way that I have found to make use many keywords and phrases on each of my niche websites is to create an article section where I write various articles and publish them on my websites. Each article uses a particular phrase that I want to target, and the content of that page revolves around it. By building hundreds and now thousands of keyword focused pages, I am able to build high volume traffic from each of the major search engines for FREE.

Using a keyword or phrase correctly is also crucial. Keyword spamming (placing the keywords as many times as possible on a page) simply does not work. The engines are out to find real content, and they frown upon any type of manipulation. Here are the criteria for proper keyword/key-phrase use:

1-Use once in the Meta Title, the Meta Description, and page File Name.
2-Use once in a page headline.
3-Use in content at about 2%, which means twice for every 100 words.
4-Use within the first 500 characters of content after the headline.
5-Use in a link somewhere on the page.

Following these rules will ensure that the search engine sites know what your page is about without feeling manipulated, and they will be happy to send you focused web traffic…as long as the search engines even know your content exists, which leads us to…

Getting your website content noticed by the engines is a crucial part of search engine optimization and free search traffic generation. Just as connections in the real world help you gain recognition and credibility, so do online connections. Websites link to each other all the time, and this linking has become a MAJOR PLAYER in the search site optimization world. Getting links to your website from well established websites will get your site noticed and hopefully listed, sending you targeted web site traffic.

Link building should be an ongoing process. Always be on the lookout for quality inbound linking opportunities, make a habit out of article submissions and forum posting, and use social media websites for ever wider exposure. As time goes on and your inbound link popularity, you will notice a continual increase in traffic both directly from the websites that are linked to you, as well as through higher search engine site placement.


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