Ideas to Generate Additional Income Using a Money Making Web Site

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How would you like to earn passive income daily with your own website business? Any site can easily make money simply by hosting third party ads and affiliate products and services, as well as many other site monetization methods. The real key to pulling cash online with a website is being able to drive enough website traffic to your sites to earn a substantial income. Traffic equates to profits, so your goal is to drive site traffic, as much as possible, to your site. Then it will do the rest and convert your traffic into profits through online advertising.

Here are some ideas to earn extra income using a home business website or blog by harnessing more free targeted traffic on the web…

Social Network Marketing-Social network sites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc, have made it easy to reach people of just about every interest. No matter what niche your website focuses on, I guarantee that you can use social networking websites to find people in your target audience and drive them to visit your site. This is no cost and effective, and can be fun when you get the hang of it.

Content Publishing-Many article directories have a high Google PR which makes them easily get their pages listed in the search engines. Why not use these site and their high PR to get traffic to your own site? This happens in two ways through content publishing on article sites. Article submitted to quality article directories can not only drive traffic to your site, but can also provide needed inbound links for effective SEO.

Organic Search Engine Optimization-If you have a website that is not getting any traffic for free from the search engines, then you are definitely doing something wrong. A website can get free traffic over and over again from the engines, so why not make the most out of it? Learning some simple SEO strategies like creating fresh content, finding profitable, low competition keywords, and building inbound links, can make a website a magnet for driving free traffic every day from the big search engines.

Using a Blog-Getting a lot of fresh traffic is the foundation of a thriving website, but the real snowball effect takes place when people begin going back to a particular site over and over again. Getting this kind of repeat traffic is a powerful thing to do, which makes it one of the most essential ideas to make money using a website. A blog can be added to any site and used to update people as to when new and updated content is published. Not only do your visitors love blogs, but so do the search engines.

Using an RSS Feed-RSS feeds make it simple for people to follow your website, being automatically updated whenever you have new or updated content that they may want. The more people you have subscribed to your RSS feed, the more recurring visitors you can generate when you update content or publish new content on your site. This is a great idea, a must in fact, for anyone who uses a blog on their site for updating your web visitors with new changes and additions.


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