Earn Extra Income With a Money Making Website – Building a Winning Search Engine Friendly Site For Big Profits

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Having your own money making website can be your greatest asset for building a financially free future. A well built site can earn money from several places simultaneously. For example, It could be used to promote various affiliate products, home business programs, and Google AdSense ads. For example, if you already work with home based businesses, your site can be used to develop more business growth and higher profits. A website is a effective strategy to make automatic income. Build a site and watch it take over, earning money for your all day, every day, without ever missing a step. Your website to earn extra income could very well turn out to be a complete replacement of your current income, giving you the ability to live prosperously, always having money coming in without the need and obligation to go out and work for it.

A profit site is only as good as its ability to attract visitors. Clicks to a website is what is turned into profits through various money making strategies and therefore traffic is a must. Most webmasters go wrong here because they spend time and money to create a fancy-looking website, but their efforts are wasted because nobody ever finds there site and therefore it never generates any profits. Being able to create a site that draws in a substantial number of visitors is crucial to earning any money online. If you follow some principles when developing your site, you will never need to stress over being able to make money, as it will draw in traffic 24 hours a day on complete automatic pilot.

There are many ways to generate website traffic to sites, but most pale in comparison to the search engines. Search engine optimization is a way of creating websites that do well at the search engines, getting many pages listed and ranked so searchers can find them. When this happens your site will receive traffic (and make money) on complete autopilot. Of course, building your website so that it masters the search engines requires time and effort, as well as a knowledge of what to do, but the results are fantastic.

Make sure to utilize these tips when creating your earn extra income website to ensure that the internet search engines drive a lot of no cost traffic your way….

The Layout of Your Site – When making your webpages for website traffic generation, do not have any pages that are more than two clicks from the home page. This means that every page on your site should be accessible within two clicks from the home page. This ensures that the search engine spiders, which are used to crawl content on websites, will find all of your website. This also makes it easier for your human visitors to find what they are looking for on your web site without getting lost.

Making Use of Profitable Key Phrases – Keywords allow you to tell the search engines (through your content) what your webpages are about, and therefore what kind of traffic to send your way. But choosing relevant keywords that target your market is not enough. You also need to use keywords that have profitability. This has two parts. The first is being high in demand, meaning that many people search for that term at the search sites. The other is mid to low competition.

Number of Back Links – Without any inbound links (other sites linking to yours) you will not likely do very well with search engine web traffic building because the internet search sites will most likely never find your site, and if they do they will not give it much credibility. Developing a strong inbound link popularity will ensue that the engines find your site and give it credibility as a real resource, one that they want to send visitors to. The more the merrier. My favorite methods for increasing link popularity on my earn extra income websites are article marketing at sites like this one, and free and paid link directories.


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