How to Find And Use Key Phrases For More Targeted Web Traffic

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Generating traffic becomes an automated aspect of your internet marketing when you learn how to harness the power of the internet search engines. One part of generating free traffic is choosing the right keywords to use for your website content and sales copy, and using those keywords and phrases so that the search engines know to send you people searching for those terms.

Keywords and key-phrases (generally 2-5 words) play a HUGE part in just about every single form of internet marketing and advertising. In this instance, we are using keywords on our web pages so that the search engines know to send targeted web traffic to YOUR site.

A common sense approach will get you started head for keyword domination. Start by brainstorming the possible words and phrases that your ideal audience use to seek out information. The whole idea is to choose RELEVANT keywords so that the traffic you attract is the targeted web site traffic you need to thrive.

However, with so much competition for listings at the search engines, the most common terms may not be the most profitable. Sure, they get a lot of action, but what are your chances of winning for these overly competitive searches? It is much more effective to seek out keywords that reach your target market, that are not overly competitive (other websites/blogs using the keyword), yet still have enough demand (people searching that term) to be worthy your time.

Finding keywords is a start for reaching you target website audience, but using them right is also crucial. Follow these guidelines so that the search engines know what your pages are about without thinking its being tricked or feeling manipulated, giving you the best chance for bigger traffic…

Number One-Use once in the Meta Title, the Meta Description, and page File Name.
Number Two-Use once in a page headline.
Number Three-Use in content at about 2%, which means twice for every 100 words.
Number Four-Use within the first 500 characters of content after the headline.
Number Five-Use in a link somewhere on the page.

Avoid making any crucial mistakes when placing keywords and phrases in your website content. The search engines no spam and tricks and they punish those who use them. Play by the rules and attempt to make your site search engine friendly, pleasing them so they send you free web site traffic.

Getting big amounts of website hits from the search engines does not usually happen overnight. Rather, SEO is an ongoing game that should produce better results and more free traffic the longer you work at it and the more time and effort you invest.


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