Learn to Create Search Engine Optimized Web Site Content to Pull Targeted Traffic

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SEO friendly Web content is KING when it comes to magnetically attracting targeted website traffic for free. The content on your website and/or blog is most likely in place to provide your visitors with the information they are seeking, and if you make use of a few basic Search Engine Marketing principles, your content will not only provide information but it will also begin attracting targeted website traffic from the search sites on automatic pilot.

There is a huge amount of content on the web, but the majority of it never sees the first page of a major search engine. The fact is that most website owners do not know the crucial aspects of Search Engine Optimization and free traffic generation. There are three necessary aspects of using your web content to pull in free web traffic on autopilot…

The Right Key Phrases-Keywords and key-phrases (generally 2-5 words) play a HUGE part in just about every single form of online advertising. In this instance, we are using keywords on our web pages so that the search engines know to send people who are searching those keywords to YOUR web site.

Unique Content-Choosing relevant, in demand keywords that have little competition will give you the seeds for a ton of free website traffic, but only if you understand a few rules. Individual pages of a site should be focused around their own unique keyword or phrase. You can use a few additional ones for each page to increase your long tail visibility and page relevance, but ultimately each page should be focused on a single word or phrase to bring in targeted web site traffic.

Getting Indexed-Search engines use “spiders” to crawl through website content to use for search results, but they only crawl sites they know. However, they follow links from one site to another, so getting links from established websites will point the spiders to you so they can find and list your content, and bring you targeted free traffic.

People who try to become professionals at search engine optimization overnight either give up when they realize it doesn’t always happen that fast, or they kill their chances by trying tricks and manipulations that only hurt their chances of mastering the engines to drive tons of free traffic to their websites. It is better to look at Search Engine Optimization and traffic building as an ongoing process, always adding new keywords, content, and inbound links. This is a surefure way to build an ever-growing flow of targeted web site traffic.

So take it slow, read and study about Search Engine Optimization and internet marketing, play by the rules, and you will no doubt be able to generate plenty of no cost traffic.


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