How Blogging From Your Website Can Help You Get Increased Free Traffic

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Blogging has become a powerful form of advertising on the internet, and it can be a powerful way to gain site recognition. Maybe you are new to online business, internet marketing, and blogging, so I want to share some tips for using a blog on your website to bring in more traffic.

A blog is a weblog, or a chronological way to list and share information about whatever theme the blogger wants, letting anyone get recognized as an expert source in their field. Blogging can have a great impact on your levels of web traffic in a number of ways.

Hosting a blog can either be done from your primary website, or you can use additional blogs through site like Word Press as traffic tools to send additional free website traffic to your primary sites. In either case, here are some advantages to blogging. I do both. Running blogs from my sites allows me an easy way to keep them growing and enhancing search engine rankings, and I also use other blogs for additional sources of traffic.

Build a Blog Following-One of the major advantages of using a blog is that it is a great way of developing a following. People frequent blogs that they find useful, and they return over and over again. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) makes it simple for people to know when you have some new content for them to check out.

Free original Content-Because people love sharing their opinions, they love making comments on blog posts that they enjoy. This is a great way to keep fresh content filling your blog one autopilot, while also engaging visitors for longer visits.

Search Engine Traffic-Search engines love blogs because they are active and regularly provide new content. Running a blog on your primary website is a perfect way to dramatically increase the activity of your website and therefore the attention and site traffic that it receives from the engines.

Keep People Informed-If one of the main purposes of your website is to keep your target audience up to date with your business, service, or product, a blog is a must. It makes it easy for you to share quick updates and for your blog followers to access them, giving you more no cost web site visitors because of an ever growing following of return visitors.

As you can see, hosting your blog on your own website has many advantages like more search engine recognition and higher Google PR, more return visitors, and more overall website visitsweb traffic. I use blogs on all of my websites as a simple way to keep active and growing as an internet entrepreneur.


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