Learn to Use Free Web Classifieds For Totally Free Web Visitor Development

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One top strategy of free website traffic building that works wonders, yet is often underestimated and overlooked, is using free online classified websites. Can you use these sites to generate traffic, leads, and advertising to build your business? Absolutely. Truth be told, when I first got started with internet marketing and home business, I built a network of affiliates of over 300 personally sponsored affiliates within a matter of weeks using NOTHING but effective classified ads placed FREE on a number of top advertising sites.

What kind of website gets the best results with this method of free website traffic building? Well, similar to traffic exchanges, classified advertising works very well for generating leads and sales through effective splash, lead capture, sales, and affiliate landing pages. But you can also generate traffic to any website, webpage, or blog that you choose. Because classified ads let you clearly target your audience, the traffic that is generated usually converts into leads and sales, as it has for me.

How to Master the Use of FREE Classified Ad Sites….

Use The TOP Sites-There are literally thousands and thousands of free classified sites on the web, but only a percentage of them are worth your time. There are two things that you want to look for in a classified site.

1- Traffic Rank-Obviously the advertising sites that have the most traffic are going to provide the most free web visitors to you. Look for sites that get plenty of traffic, and stay away from the ones who have not yet established themselves with a strong user base.

2- Google PR-Classified ad sites that have higher PR will give you more return that low PR sites. Your ads can get listed by the search engines under any keywords you use in your ads, and higher PR sites get listed quicker and easier. Second, you can increase your link popularity through ongoing classified ads, and high PR sites give the best links and free website visitors.

The Ad Headline is Crucial- In reality, your headline will be the most important part of your entire ad. Why? Because unless it does its job, the rest of your ad cannot get its job done either. The headline essentially has two jobs; to target your audience and to get them to click on your ad. Use a benefit oriented approach, and immediately tell what problem you solve or what benefit you offer. Also, try to use exciting, attention grabbing words and phrases.

Benefit Oriented Copy- Many people do not understand the keys to successful copy writing, but you can easily master the art of writing great ads with one simply technique. Always think in terms of the profits that will be gained by your prospect from clicking on the link to your website, page, blog, or affiliate link. Remember, people are not interested in you, but they ARE definitely interested in what you have that can benefit THEM.

Be the Boss- It seems so simple that it can often be overlooked, but a simple call to action has been proven time and again to lead to more of whatever action you are trying to get. In the case of classified ads, you are trying to get the readers of your advert to click on your link to visit your site. So, tell them to do exactly that. “Click the link for more FREE info!” is a simple example of a call to action that can get more people to click your ad…. giving you more site visitors.


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