Learn to Use Free Site Directories to Build an Online Presence

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Building your website presence is one of the most crucial jobs of an internet entrepreneur, online marketer, or anyone else who plans on making any real money using the internet. Having a website or blog is most certainly a strong start, as these are needed resources for earning money online. But a home business website is not enough. There are hundreds of millions of websites on the internet, but only the top 500K-1Million of them have a big enough internet presence and generate enough traffic to earn any substantial income. This means that most internet marketers are not generating substantial traffic or income.

In essence, the bigger your presence and influence on the world wide webweb, the more traffic you are able to generate and convert into leads, commissions, sales, and ad profits, and the more money you will make as an internet entrepreneur. This usually does not happen overnight, which is why so many individuals fail online. If you are starting from scratch you will need to invest time and effort building a presence for your website so it can build real profits.

If you have your own website or blog, you will find it worthwhile to submit your website to a variety of high quality free website directories. This is a simple strategy that does not cost a dime and does not require any skills or big workloads. Here are some additional tips for getting the most out of directory submissions.

Use Keywords in Your Listing- When you submit your link you will be asked for a title and a description. Using your sites primary keywords in your posting will help it get you more traffic, and because the title is generally used for the link itself, you will add credibility to the link. Anchor text also matter here, just as with article marketing.

Stay Away from Spam- Some newcomers think that by plastering their posting title and descriptions with keywords, that they will get more search engine recognition and/or traffic. First of all, the search engines hate spam and therefore it should always be avoided. And because good link directories are human edited, these spam links do not get approved.

Make Sure Your Sites Pages Are Finished- Your submission will also get rejected if your website is under-construction, if it lacks content and value, and if it is just a page full of affiliate links and ads. Directories aim to list quality websites only. This goes for all types of site exposure and advertising. Do not waste time or money on website traffic until you have a site worthy of it.

Spot Out Directories in Your Niche- Aside from the many general directories available, many niche directories add additional great opportunities for relevant links, website promotion, and traffic. Always be on the lookout for directories that service your particular niche.


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