Learn to Build a Lifelong Internet Income Using Free Website Visitors

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Successfully generating no cost traffic requires time and effort, but you get the added benefit of continuous results. Once you set the snowball in motion, you can enjoy ever growing website traffic with ever-diminishing workloads. Basically, THE no cost strategies, THE MORE EFFECTIVE THEY BECOME. This is not only because you get more efficient and skilled with them, but because by nature they provide escalating returns when generating no cost traffic for your internet home business.

As an example of this, when I first began marketing on Twitter to generate traffic to my various web pages, I was able to drive about 100 hits within 20-30 minutes. At the time I am writing this, I am able to put forth the EXACT SAME EFFORT, but I can generate about 1000 hits. That number is growing daily because I put time forward daily to build my following.

Another example is blogging, which clearly shows how effort OVER TIME begins to provide increasing benefits. When you first begin a blog, you may be producing content rich posts yet not receive any traffic. Over time, however, you get picked up by Google, Yahoo and other sites, build a following of subscribers, and eventually get a lot of exposure. The more you add content to your blog, the more powerful your efforts will become.

This principle will apply to just about every free website traffic building, lead creating, online advertising strategy that you employ. Which brings me to THE BIGGEST KEY OF SUCCESS AS AN INTERNET ENTREPRENEUR…

Persisting through the dry months to reap the rewards of a harvest.

All too many folks look to get something for nothing, and therefore most people do not stick with online advertising long enough to enjoy all of the rich benefits that that success brings. This is in my opinion is the biggest cause of failure among internet entrepreneurs. Only 5% make any substantial money, which to me means nothing more than the fact that 95% gave up too soon! Face it, the only way you can really meet with failure in this business is to give up! Some people become successful after 6 months, other take 2 years, and still others need 5 years or more before they start to earn the kind of money they really desire.

If you really want to succeed as an internet entrepreneur, be committed to your goals, make daily progress toward them, and be patient for the fruits of your labor to appear. Realize that instant success isn’t a reality, and that those individuals who succeed with internet marketing are those who gave themselves a real chance. Start to put forth effort daily over a period of time before you start to thrive. If things progress faster for you, terrific, but at least you will not be making the huge mistake that many marketers make, which is quitting.


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