Another Day Another Dollar…

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Most of us actually want a job and to work, to take care of our family. 

Then there are the free loaders in life, not only the ones that live and sponge off the government, also the free loaders that we all love. 

It is hard finding a job, but just as hard keeping a job…

This world has changed tons since I was a child, you actually worked for what you had, and only got what you needed.  But the world we live into today has changed…

What makes me upset is the way of thinking the world owes them, the people wanting something for nothing, the people wanting handouts, and the people who always have their hand out.

Really is this unreasonable, work for what you get?  Most struggle to buy groceries’, pay our own bills live pay check to pay check, and then someone in front of you at the grocery store spends 400.00 in food stamps.

Jobs are hard to find, but our roads are littered with cans, shovel an elderly person’s sidewalk or mow there grass, okay, you may only make 5 dollars, but you actually earned it.

We have went through the employee’s where I work, they work hard to get the job, then call in sick, want to go home sick, so the chances of keeping a job is thin.

Wanting to keep your job requires the basics, this actually requires you going to work every day that you’re asked to do so.  And not calling in sick… The people who want to work actually want to work they don’t need a hand out, and it is their wish to take care of their family.  Although rare in this world today, it happens.

Why, this has become a handout world our children have the wants, they never want to do dishes, but want the IPod.  They have the wants but don’t clean up theirrooms or make their own beds, but they want a PSP. 

So this freeloader behavior starts way before they start to work, before they get out in the real world, so we need to stop the cycle now, make them work for an allowance again, and quit enabling them to grow up with their hand out.


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