How to Relieve Lower Back Pain?

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The intensity of the pain can range from mild aches to a severe debilitating pain and it may at times hinder the day to day activities as well.

For many, the idea of visiting a doctor in such instances would be to obtain a quick relief and would forget about the pain and the factors which might have lead to such problems when the back pain subside temporarily under the influence of pain relievers. But, the fact of the matter is, whatever that is causing the pain would still be there and can crop up at any time to cause the same problem. Thus, patients should realize the fact that, the main responsibility in getting rid of a back pain would lie with them and following list of causes will illustrate why it is necessary for the patients to take responsibility for themselves.

Thus, some of the causes for lower back pain would be,

Improper posture when sitting Poor back support while seated for a longer duration Lifting of heavy weight without adapting correct knee and hip postures Straining the lower back excessively Inadequate warming up before exercises Bone fragility due to calcium resorption…etc.

Therefore, in order to relieve lower back pain, following measures have to be taken by a patient.

  • Adapting correct posture while sitting down with proper back support.

  • Keeping the neck straight and the muscles relaxed when working in front of your computer or while studying and reading.

  • Avoid staining the back muscles too much during workouts and while engaging in work related activities.

  • Take adequate rest in-between workouts or after strenuous days of work.

  • Do hot or cold compression over the back region to relax and sooth the muscles and tendons of the region.

  • Take anti-inflammatory pain relievers regularly till the pain subside.

  • Gradually introduce yourself to lower back exercises which should be less frequent and slow in the beginning.

  • If you feel pain while engaging in exercises, stop the exercises and see your doctor for further advise.

If the pain persists after taking these measures, it would be a good idea for you to see your doctor in order to assess yourself further and initiate alternative treatment.


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