Micro Workers

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Microworkersis not only site of data entry job but also a site of freelancing job.

There is no bidding system to do job here. The jobs are very short and need (1-30) minutes to do.

Since the jobs are tiny so the employer gives you a short payment for each job but must be the range of $.10-$5.00. Every 30 minutes you get a new job.

One job you can do one time and after doing a job the job is hiding form your account. But no tension!!!!!!!! You always get 70-110 jobs everytime.

Which need For this Job:-

1. You need to know internet browsing .

2. Basic English skill for do this job.


When your earning is over $9.00, you can withdraw your payment through Check, Moneybookers, Paypal, Alertpay.

Awareness For This Job:-

Basic requirements of doing job in Microworkers :

1.You have to be a personal computer and a modem/broadband(196 kbps or higher) internet connection.

2.You have to know the basic computer skill and internet browsing (twitter, digg, myspace, article writing, forum post etc.)

3.You have to good in basic English grammar & language.

4.You can use one IP for only one account never create multiple account from the same IP.

5.As a new user you must have to 75% success rate( 1st task to 20 task ).By chance if your success rate be lowest  under 75% don’t be hopeless . Please wait for one week . Than it will be ok

6.You must have an account in Paypal or Moneybookers otherwise in Alertpay for withdraw your payment.

7.After all you have to more egerness,wish,patients and interest to do job here.


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