Cheaters Among US

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Cheating Is becoming a common phenomenon.One of the worst heartaches comes from being cheated

on by someone you have invested all your trust, energy and compassion in. When a partner says, “I

can’t explain why I did it, there was no reason for it,” it means that they cheated because they simply

weren’t happy in the relationship and feel as though they are lacking in some

part of it. But for what reasons would someone enter a meaningless hook-up when they

already have a stable romance? From an outside perspective it is uncalled for — so what is going

through the mind of a cheater? There are always underlying factors that have unfortunately not been

communicated and have managed to cause a disturbance.

Lack of Communication :Sometimes a couple lacks the communication skills necessary to voice how

they feel when something is missing from their relationship. Perhaps it’s the sex

or the time spent together. Whatever the reason, something is missing and it is making one person

in the relationship unhappy. Because of this, trust and honesty are both sacrificed and

before you know it, one partner is confessing they were unfaithful. Being incapable of expressing the

problems you see with your relationship is a main factor that leads to dishonesty and cheating.

Different Views : When a couple has differing perspectives concerning what kind of

relationship they ultimately want, problems might be inevitable in the long run. The fact that one

partner might be less serious and committed to the relationship at stake could be a

valid indicator of cheating tendencies. In reality, if someone doesn’t have the will to commit to a

relationship, they shouldn’t be in one. Such feelings only lead to infidelity and heartbreak.

Lack of Effort : While a couple might have had an unbelievable romance and a relationship

built on rust and honestly, it has the potential to falter. It takes time and

effort to make a relationship work and when the effort in a relationship is on one partner’s

behalf to rekindle the romance, cheating might be an outcome. It is crucial for both partners to provide

the same amount of dedication in order for the relationship to be successful. If this doesn’t happen, one

might cheat to find the romance they secretly desire.

Revenge: If a relationship is built on hostility and hurtful revenge, heartache

is likely to follow. When a partner is unfaithful, it might cause the other partner to be

unfaithful too. Unfortunately, a snowball effect might be created and suddenly the relationship

has become two individuals trying to get back at one another for creating such complications.

Of course this doesn’t accomplish anything and is simply a waste of ime.

State of Mind : Sometimes alcohol is involved in the cheating process and a partner might

do something they would likely not do if they were in the right state of mind.

However, this is not an excuse. If this situation could be used as an excuse, one can

only imagine the lack of trust and commitment relationships would have. However

intoxicated an individual might be, they must still think before they act and in this

case, they should still care about the one they are with. If they can’t do this then they

should avoid drinking and making such regrettable decisions.Happiness is key to live life. You

live, you love, you learn, and when it comes down to it, when you have found someone

who makes you genuinely happy, you will not cheat. Of course, there is no such

thing as the perfectly happy couple, but once you’ve found someone who you trust and

can’t imagine hurting, cheating will not cross your train of thought because what else

could you possibly be searching for? Cheating is a sign that you either don’t want to be committed to

that person or something is missing in your current love life that you think is only possible

to find elsewhere.






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